Comprehensive Guide to Indian Visa Application Process in the UK (2023)


Navigating the Indian visa application process can be a meticulous task, and we are here to provide you with a comprehensive guide on obtaining your visa through the High Commission of India in the United Kingdom. Whether you're seeking an Electronic Visa (E-visa) or a Regular Tourist Visa, this guide will walk you through the essential steps and address common queries.

Electronic Visa (E-visa) Application

Overview: Electronic Visas, or E-visas, for India are not processed through Indian Missions abroad. Instead, applicants should refer to the official website for detailed information.

Contact Information: For inquiries, the helpdesk can be reached at +91-11-24300666 or via email at It's crucial to note that HCI London has no role in the approval or rejection of E-Visas.

Regular Tourist Visa Application

Outsourcing and Application Submission: The Regular Visa service has been outsourced to VFS (UK). To initiate the process, visit for appointments and detailed information.

Validity and Processing Times: The visa's validity commences from the date of issuance, not the departure date specified in the application. Processing times vary, so plan accordingly, and confirm travel arrangements only after obtaining the visa.

Application Submission: The High Commission of India and its consulates do not accept applications by post. All visa services are outsourced to VFS. Applications submitted by post will not be entertained.

Checking Visa Status: To check the status of your application submitted to HCI London, email the Public Response Team at, providing necessary details.

Common Queries

Travel Bookings and Confirmations: Avoid confirming bookings until a visa decision is made. Neither the Mission nor VF Services will be responsible for any losses incurred due to premature bookings.

Non-UK Residents and Minors: Non-UK residents can fill out a Non-UK Form, with a processing time of 10-15 working days. Applications for minors must be signed by a parent or guardian, accompanied by a consent letter and a copy of the parent's passport.

Application Editing and Retrieval: Once the online form is printed, it cannot be edited. Ensure accuracy before submission. Retrieve the form using the unique temporary ID generated on each page.

Payments and Refund Policy

Payment Options: Payments can be made online or at the visa center during document submission.

V.A.F. Stamp Clarification: Receiving a V.A.F. stamp does not imply visa refusal. It indicates additional processing requirements by the High Commission or its Consulate Generals.

Additional Information

Appointment Booking with VFS: Refer to or contact VFS at 0203 793 8629, 203 788 4666 for appointment bookings.

Visa Center Locations: Find information on the location and timings of visa centers .

Application Withdrawal and Refund: To withdraw an application, visit the application center. Note that all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

In conclusion, this guide provides a detailed roadmap for obtaining an Indian visa in the UK. Ensure adherence to the specified procedures to facilitate a smooth application process. For any specific concerns, refer to the official resources provided. Safe travels!

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