Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (2024)

The voices of the cycling commentators on Eurosport are beamed into our homes. Every single bike race we watch has some commentator giving their spin on the action. Eurosport has a select core of lead commentators who find themselves describing the action we see. They’re always paired with an ex-pro to provide the colour commentary, with insights about the racing, learned through their time in the pro ranks.

Each commentator has their own style and you only have to listen for a few seconds to work out who they are. Everyone knows that Rob Hatch is the guy who pronounces each foreign word ultra-correctly and that Carlton Kirby will be the one telling the dad jokes. With a couple of exceptions, almost everyone on this list will be Tour de France commentators 2022.

Eurosport & GCN Commentators

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (1)

Rob Hatch

Probably now the highest-profile commentator on Eurosport, the only criticism Rob seems to get is due to his perfect pronunciation of all words in all languages. It makes sense when you find out that he was a languages graduate – Rob was in fact in his 4th year of Uni at Bangor when I started my 1st year there (also in the languages department). Hatch is often on the biggest races and usually covers the race finishes too.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (2)

Carlton Kirby

Kirby is the most marmite commentator there is. He inspires such devotion that he has his own fan club, yet also is on the receiving end of a petition to get him sacked. For me, Carlton is the perfect commentator for the ‘early shift’ on long, flat grand tour stages. With nothing doing, Carlton Kirby still finds plenty to talk about and discuss, with the dad jokes aplenty too.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (3)

Declan Quigley

You used to hear Declan Quigley covering the Giro d’Italia but now seems to find himself part of the B-tier. He’ll often be heard covering non-WorldTour classics and stage races with his distinctive Irish accent. He’s been heard less and less on Eurosport and GCN recently as he’s been on the world feed coverage for the Flanders Classics in 2021.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (4)

José Been

A recent addition to the Eurosport and GCN team in 2021 and the only female lead commentator (even if the name catches plenty out on Twitter). She’s often heard covering non-WorldTour classics most often where she can use her native Dutch to pronounce riders and place names perfectly.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (5)

Marty McCrossan

The lead commentator for cyclocross and women’s cycling on Eurosport. It’s rare to watch either without hearing Marty’s voice in recent years. He’ll usually be heard paired up with Dani Rowe for women’s cycling and Jeremy Powers for the cyclocross. After a brief rest in January 2022, McCrossan has been back behind the mic once again.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (6)

Dan Lloyd

A former rider who has stepped up to lead commentary after initially being a colour commentator. With the joining up of GCN and Eurosport, he’s now regularly seen across all coverage. From talking about spring classics to grand tours, he’ll also be seen in the studio after races. Talking about the day’s events and doing analysis with the touchscreen TV.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (7)

Matt Stephens

The first former rider to jump into lead commentary from GCN when it was just a humble Youtube channel! He was initially mixing his GCN duties with the odd spell of commentary but soon changed the balance towards commentary. As his profile grew, he began compering cycling events like the 6 Day track racing and is regularly used by Zwift for their online commentary race events too.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (8)

Jez Cox

Viewers have heard more and more from Jez Cox over the last year. The first race I remember hearing him was during the Vuelta CV Feminas at the start of 2021 but he’s now a regular across the board on cyclocross and stage races like the Saudi Tour at the start of the 2022 season.

Europsport & GCN Colour Commentators

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (9)

Sean Kelly

The distinctive Irish voice on Eurosport. Sean Kelly is a great of the sport of cycling – a 9-time monument winner, 4-time Tour de France green jersey winner and winner of the Vuelta a Espana in 1988. Mr Paris-Nice won that race 7 years in a row during the 1980s. Sean Kelly is almost synonymous with the coverage of major races on Eurosport and GCN.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (10)

Magnus Backstedt

Most famous for winning the 2004 edition of Paris Roubaix, Magnus Backstedt had a long pro career. He won a stage in the Tour de France in 1998 for GAN and after retirement, ran development teams in his adopted country – the UK. His daughters, Zoe and Elynor are currently emerging talents in women’s cycling. Zoe, in particular, became a double junior world champion in the last year. Maggy will often be heard on lower-level Belgian classics although not exclusively.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (11)

Brian Smith

Smith was twice a winner of the National Road Championships, in 1991 and 1994, as a rider before becoming a directeur sportif. He helped develop the Endura, NetApp (became Bora-Hansgrohe) and MTN-Qhubeka teams in their early days before becoming a staple on Eurosport and GCN.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (12)

Dani Rowe

An Olympic, World and European champion on the track, Dani Rowe can now be heard covering women’s cycling on Eurosport. She retired from racing after 2018, a season where she finished 3rd in the Women’s Tour. She brings insider knowledge of the women’s peloton to the race commentary.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (13)

Adam Blythe

Another former National Road champion, in 2016, Blythe’s relaxed style has seen him move from the studio to behind the mic. He initially started combining riding with Eurosport work in his final season in 2019. He’s now a regular behind the mic and on the couch during The Breakaway – often with some flamboyant shirts. In his racing days, Blythe was a consistent lower-level classics racer and sometime sprinter.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (14)

Jeremy Powers

Powers can be heard exclusively during cyclocross races, usually paired up with Marty McCrossan. The American former pro rider won 4 national titles in cyclocross and was a top-10 ranked rider. He also was known to race on the road during US races. He was the commentator on the track using the 2022 Cyclocross Worlds held in Fayetteville, Arkansas this year.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (15)

Dan Bigham

Bigham helped to give deeper insights into the world of aerodynamics during the opening time trial of the 2021 Giro d’Italia and has been back during other major time trials too. A former F1 aerodynamicist, Bigham has turned his attentions to cycling and helped his track team beat national teams. After becoming a consultant for high-profile teams like Canyon SRAM and the Danish national track team, Bigham moved to Ineos Grenadiers for 2022.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (16)

Hannah Walker

A former national track champion, Hannah Walker spent years on the road racing as well. She retired from racing in 2018 whilst at WNT and transitioned to a Marketing/PR role for the team. She initially was heard commentating on women’s cycling races but has also been seen in the studio during coverage of 2021’s Giro d’Italia and a lot more since. For non-British based viewers she’s been on the world feed for Grand Tours.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (17)

Dani Christmas

A long-time member of the women’s peloton, Dani Christmas retired from racing at the end of the 2021 season and moved into the commentary booth. You could hear her a few times during 2021 already but Christmas has been heard more often in 2022 so far. Often paired with Marty McCrossan, you’re most likely to hear Dani Christmas covering women’s racing.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (18)

Robbie McEwen

A new signing for Eurosport and GCN is the Aussie Robbie McEwen. He’s a familiar voice to anyone who stayed up late to watch racing in Australia, hosting with Matt Keenan and Bridie O’Donnell. Australian broadcaster SBS unceremoniously let him go at the end of the 2022 racing and so it’s no surprise to hear him over in Europe given he had such a high reputation. The former sprinter has an eye for racing detail and analysis.

Eurosport & GCN Presenters

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (19)

Orla Chennaoui

Usually, in the studio leading The Breakaway pre and post-race segments, she leads and guides the other presenters to discuss the stage or race of the day. She’s a regular member of the Cycling Podcast and has been covering cycling for a long time before joining the Eurosport and GCN team.

Cycling Commentators on Eurosport & GCN 2022 • (2024)


Who are the GCN race commentators? ›

Likewise, GCN presenter and former British pro Daniel Lloyd combines stints on commentary with appearing in the studio. The analysis show either side of the race is hosted by journalist and presenter (and Rouleur columnist) Orla Chennaoui.

Who is commentating on the Tour de France 2022? ›

Go inside the commentary booth of the Tour de France, and meet the 2022 international commentary team of Anthony McCrossan and Nicolas Roche.

Who is the female cycling commentator on Eurosport? ›

Joanna Rowsell MBE OLY's Tweets.

Who are the presenters on Eurosport for the Tour de France? ›

Orla Chennaoui is currently leading Eurosport's coverage of the Tour de France, but how much do you know about the sports presenter? The 42-year-old has been part of the station's coverage of cycling events since 2019 and has been working in the journalism industry for more than two decades.

Who commentates on cycling on Eurosport? ›

Sean Kelly is a great of the sport of cycling – a 9-time monument winner, 4-time Tour de France green jersey winner and winner of the Vuelta a Espana in 1988. Mr Paris-Nice won that race 7 years in a row during the 1980s. Sean Kelly is almost synonymous with the coverage of major races on Eurosport and GCN.

Who is the Irish commentator on Eurosport cycling? ›

Declan Quigley - Cycling Commentator - Eurosport | LinkedIn.

Who is broadcasting Tour de France? ›

8 a.m.NBC, Peaco*ck
Sun. July 2410 a.m.Peaco*ck, USA Network
10:30 a.m.Peaco*ck, USA Network
2 p.m.NBC
23 more rows
14 Jul 2022

Who narrates the Tour de France? ›

Philip Alexander Liggett MBE (born 11 August 1943) is an English commentator and journalist who covers professional cycling.

Who is commentating on ITV Tour de France? ›

ITV's Tour de France commentator, Ned Boulting, is bringing his one-man cycling stage show back to The Lowry.

Who are the commentators for the Tour de France femmes? ›

Orla Chennaoui will front WBDS' coverage of the Tour de France Femmes while former professional cyclist Iris Slappendel will take over from Sir Bradley Wiggins to bring one of the great innovations in sports broadcasting to millions of fans by reporting live from the inside the peloton throughout the eight-stage race.

Who are the Eurosport Le Mans commentators? ›

Martin Haven, Graham Goodwin and Allan McNish continue to lead the offering, alongside Addison, Gavin and Darren Turner and Gavin.

Who are Eurosport French Open commentators? ›

Apart from these two, Chris Bradnam and Nick Lester will be presenting. They are both former British tennis players. Then we have Simon Reed, who is a Eurosport commentator.

What age is Orla Chennaoui? ›

How many languages does Orla Chennaoui speak? ›

​Orla has a degree in Law with French and a post grad in journalism. She is fully bilingual, speaking fluent French and also speaks German and has broadcast in both languages. She also speaks conversational Portuguese and Italian and basic Spanish.

Who is Pippa on Eurosport cycling? ›

Philippa York was born in Glasgow. She has two grown-up children and currently lives in the south of England with her partner, Linda. She was a professional cyclist, competing at the highest level in Europe for 16 years. She holds a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and still exercises regularly.

Who are the commentators for the Giro d Italia? ›

Giro d'Italia 2021: English-language commentary team & start times
16/5/2021SundayRob Hatch, Sean Kelly, Daniel Lloyd
17/5/2021MondayRob Hatch, Sean Kelly, Daniel Lloyd
19/5/2021WednesdayRob Hatch, Sean Kelly, Daniel Lloyd
20/5/2021ThursdayRob Hatch, Sean Kelly, Daniel Lloyd
18 more rows
25 Feb 2022

Who is broadcasting Tour de France in UK? ›

UK: watch the 2022 Tour de France live stream

TV license holders can watch or stream ITV4 (opens in new tab) for free. Die-hard cycling fans can try GCN+, which provides a live stream plus access some of the best cycling documentaries ever made. It's £39.99 a year.

What Tour de France announcer died? ›

Paul Sherwen

Why is Chris Boardman not commentating on Tour de France? ›

For a number of years, Chris Boardman has spent every July away from the UK commentating on ITV's coverage of the Tour de France. However, he has now given up this prominent punditry role to concentrate on the creation of a network of walking and cycling routes in Greater Manchester.

Does Phil Liggett speak French? ›

I remember how he would meticulously write his scripts the night before a race, and I'd help correct his English because back then his French was better. He was fluent from his time in France and during our broadcasts he'd slip notes to me, asking, 'What's the word for...?'

Who are the commentators on ITV Sport? ›

List of current ITV Sport personnel
  • Mark Pougatch.
  • Seema Jaswal (Also works for BT Sport and Amazon Prime Video)
  • Laura Woods (also works for Amazon Prime & talkSPORT)

Who are the commentators on Tour of Britain? ›

Expert commentary will continue to be provided by four time World Champion Hugh Porter MBE and former British Champion Brian Smith. Following Stage One on ITV, Stages Two to Eight will all be shown live on ITV4, with three-hours of coverage each day.

Is Phil Liggett doing the 2022 Tour de France? ›

Looking back on an unpredictable Tour de France. As Jonas Vingegaard takes his victory lap in Paris, cycling legend Phil Liggett narrates a look back at a 2022 Tour de France that seemed to keep us guessing every single day.

Who is commentating the Tour de France 2022 on Eurosport? ›

Orla hosts all of the action, live and daily highlights for the Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana amongst other prominent races in the calendar. Since 2020, Orla has presented The Breakaway for Eurosport for the public to keep in touch with the action as it happens from the studio.

Who is the female commentator on SBS Tour de France? ›

This is Bridie O'Donnell's third year commentating the Tour de France for SBS, but only her first actually on the ground, reporting live from Europe.

How old is Phil Liggett? ›

Who is commentating on Lemans 2022? ›

2014 World Champion replaces Allan McNish and joins Martin Haven and Graham Goodwin in the booth. 2014 FIA World Endurance Drivers' Champion Anthony Davidson has been confirmed to join the official WEC TV commentary team for the 2022 season replacing Allan McNish on the Championship's live TV offering.

Does Eurosport have commentary? ›

Yes, commentary languages can be changed on the playback console for most sports events. On the video player, a drop down will give you a selection of languages to choose from.

How do I contact Eurosport commentators? ›

T&Cs apply.

Who is commentating at Roland Garros? ›

Experienced host Chris Stubbs will be joined by three-time Roland Garros Women's Doubles finalist Casey Dallacqua and Australian tennis legends Wally Masur and John Fitzgerald providing commentary and expert analysis for key matches during the opening week of Roland Garros.

Who is the female presenter of the French Open on Eurosport? ›

She retired after the 2005 Australian Open and now works for Eurosport as a commentator and presenter.
Barbara Schett.
Highest rankingNo. 7 (13 September 1999)
Grand Slam singles results
Australian Open4R (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000)
French Open4R (2000, 2001)
35 more rows

Is Orla Chennaoui a cyclist? ›

Orla specialises in cycling and has presented on location from multiple Tours de France, Giros d'Italia and Vuelta a Espana, three Olympic Games (London, Rio and Tokyo) and one Commonwealth Games (Glasgow).

Who is Matthew Keenan? ›

About. I'm a sports commentator, reporter, radio presenter and event MC predominantly working in cycling and triathlon. I have also hosted and produced a weekly cycling show, The Bike Lane, on SBS.

What happened to Simon from GCN? ›

Richardson announced his retirement from professional cycling at the end of 2012 after winning the Rouleur's Combativity award on the final stage of the Tour Of Britain. Following his retirement, Richardson became a presenter at the Global Cycling Network.
Simon Richardson (English cyclist)
Personal information
2010–2012Sigma Sport–Specialized
13 more rows

Who commentates on FloBikes? ›

Jessica Alexander of FloBikes and Janel Spilker, cycling commentator, discuss three standout men's performances at the 2022 UCI Road World Championships in Wollongong, Australia.

Does Alberto Contador own a cycling team? ›

Burger King will bring Whoppers to the world of pro cycling in 2022. Burger King Italia is set to become a backer of Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso's Italian-registered Eolo-Kometa crew next season.

What happened Matthew Keenan? ›

Matt Keenan, who was killed while biking in Mission Valley, sits with his son, Evan, in front of his bike.

Who is calling the Tour de France? ›

STAMFORD, Conn. – June 29, 2022 – NBC Sports' cycling play-by-play caller Phil Liggett, universally known as the “voice of cycling,” will cover his 50th Tour de France (45th time calling the race on television) when NBC Sports' live coverage of the 109th Tour de France begins this Friday on Peaco*ck and USA Network.

Who is commentating the Giro d Italia? ›

Following the race from its start in Bologna, across the seven summit finishes and on to Verona for the final time-trial, the Seiclo commentary team will consist of Wyn Gruffudd, Rheinallt and Peredur ap Gwynedd (Pendulum), along with pro riders Gruff Lewis and Dewi Owen.

Did Simon fall off a bike? ›

Music mogul Simon Cowell has broken his arm, suffered facial cuts and sustained a suspected concussion after falling off an electric bike near his west London home.

Why did Matt leave GCN? ›

In a statement on Twitter on 24th April he explained: “After four and a half amazing, incredible and quite bonkersly wonderful years, I'm leaving Global Cycling Network to focus more on my commentary work and live events

Who is Emma on GCN? ›

Emma Jane Pooley (born 3 October 1982) is an English sportswoman and former presenter on the Global Cycling Network.

Who commentates on the Tour de France on ITV? ›

ITV's Tour de France commentator, Ned Boulting, is bringing his one-man cycling stage show back to The Lowry. Back for the first time since 2018, 'Re-Tour de Ned' narrates the history of the Tour de France and explores how it has become such a well-loved race to this day.

Who does Anthony Mccrossan work for? ›

As well as his global work as a host and commentator Anthony is a campaigner for the development of women's cycling and has founded two successful media businesses, Cyclevox and Voxwomen. These companies create hundreds of cycling television programmes, live streams and full outside broadcasts.

Who is commentating on ITV4 Tour of Britain? ›

Matt Barbet will once again present the coverage, with Pippa York providing analysis and insight into the racing. ITV4 is available on Freeview (channel 25), Freesat (channel 117), Sky (channel 120), Virgin Media (channel 118) and the ITV Hub (online) in the UK. Click here for the full ITV4 schedule.

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