Newmarket Era , June 27, 1924, p. 2 (2024)

Hie Column Newmarket PO For Work Morris Chair Hocking Folding Cart AIM equipment Liberal to Street Next Tuesday la a day we have every reason to be proud of Ihe nnnrivcrsary of day- when this great Dominion made one confederacy and the Provinces from sea lo be came one people Canada is a young country It In only yean hut what lacku in years fearing people and a country where man with red blood In hid vefiid and a fo his baa an opportunity to do meal for himself hie home and his country Canada has one of tho worlds loading producing gold mines in Canada Is also in her wealth fop she has par cent of the worlds nickel and per of worlds Over per cent of Canada is rich In ranging from gold yilvor to coal null and oil Canada holds today a com manding position among the wheat producing countries lie world and prizes and growing nly Is of Column i York Counei and leas able are entitled to in to retain a well balanced lo of advantage between city I country wjiat we learn Is going to be a change In York County East for Cur bred on dm ill i Vouno office or fool given Apply BOX nadlan Laundry Your laundry or HoughDry Work right prices low Phone Tenders IVantod for llic school at Pine Orchard obtainable on June at the of C It Queen Newmarket renders to be In of June For Sato Quantity and Poplar Lumber also Timber suitable for barn Cedar and Steepens One In July Apply ihipa have come to her other agricultural Over million work ers are engaged In agriculture alone and in av revenue from this was Yet only one fifth of her arable land in under Hop fishery and forest wealth given employment an army of men and adds materially to the prosperity of the country Her citizens enjoy the best educational system in the world over poverty does not prevent Editorial Notes to Brick House Mouse l rooms with good garden plenty of Fruit Immediate possession Apply to REAL ESTATE STORM AT CHICAGO Chicago June One of the worst summer storms in years swept almost the entire upper Mississippi River valley late yes terday taking at least four lives arid doing hundreds of thousands to Chicago followed 111- storm in threatened pollution Hie drinking water supply The reversed the Calumet River and caused sewage to be poured into Lake Michigan The steamer Saugaluck was disabled far out in passengers aboard but rode out of the storm with rescue craft brought along by A panic ensued when a circus tent collapsed in south Chicago and caught a thousand mostly children under lbj The Labor the hacking of Tory it could run the Domin ion and force Ihe give in on the postal strike but kickers have got it i neck Had the yielded to heir there is not a single Tory that would have changed vote next appeal to country a year and two suits clothes is heller pay than a band gets and lcs Fishing fron Canada feuturc Rod and Gun among the York Is likely to South and West York Tt Hidings and North York likely to 1 to bo added lo South Ontario is ilarged by add lion of and Scott town ships and remaining of North Ontario to bo merged Barrio which North fifmco i to be added to to bo given This shows what may happen By a Hon was cleared of lion Hank charges made against The Telegram says the Con the Ontario capital b lh Dominion in fcrrcd upon member in the House of iCommons the Right following consideration of the tot id Cost of of trees have been la year and growth Is marked The ircea are Norway pine pine Jack pine tamarack I a coat of the feat the Vy and Mrs A of a call on Saturday to her ibfd taking The a main road ran through the centre of the property and the greater part of the planting done this spring under exceptionally favorable condition done along both sides of a fortnight with l highway The growths have Stoddard at Ihe In- reads report III trees In some cases showing nix I A map is Hamilton prepared and large sign la I plot the m Columbia a story of fishing In Hie river Nova Scotia by M Browne an article on the sea trout by fecial feat art fish by Prof I Pulling of the University of Jew Brunswick P Lincoln The coming Toronto la the week by the I late Palace Theatre Friday and Saturday TOM MIX IN Fox New thousands States and many other many of whom have never boon Canada before is bound to have a lasting impression for good of the country The City did their work well and hospitality will ha any of i back in the future I publishing Ibe good hey formed of and people of hem took W LMacken metropolis of the would It in Madame Tussuuds wax worl that Canadas PreinCer is prt in ho group label Imperial which will go down the Our Toronto News Deposits in Die Provincial Sav ings hanks have doubled during the past year according to Hon Price Provincial Treasurer who lhat Ihe balance had from i0000000 to Many applications have been received for new branches While al work on an elevator in the General Hospital where ho was employed as an electrician Wilfrid Morris was accidentally killed Monday morn ing He leaves a wife and one son twelve years old Treasures from Ihe ends of the gathered after a ceaseless hunt and a groat deal of trouble some cases were disposed of iptiek Monday when contents of Casa handsome residence of Sir Henry wore sold at auction The advance guard of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority organ at ion of girl students in the Universities of Hi United Slates strong ai die Union Station Monday for a convention at Bit- n Inn for eight day ic of the largest of its kind held in this country Crushed between an aulomo- and a telegraph pole t Col lege street and St about four oclock Sunday after noon- Mrs Adelaide iviis perhaps fatally injured She was rushed to St Josephs of Pearson avenue where examination disclos ed a fractured skull and mangled right arm Tho of the car gave her name a Mrs Rose Wolfish Beverley street The accident occurred when cars swerved to avoid collision Postmaster Hie Bradford Witness Mrs Ren of Newmarket Mrs and Mrs McClelland of Gilford are visiting Mrs J King Parry Of ho Church gave an address to the young people In the Baptist Church at Au rora last Monday evening Mr Jan Bond Miss Bond and Mrs Frank Belfry attended the wedding of their cousin at Richmond Hill on Wednesday Air and Mrs- Joseph and county i York forested for by tin Province of Ontario Tliuiaday tie of thro council will hold a tour of inspection Including the properly In ibey wilt visit trial Home at Newmarket Of Among mass of del Counclldeall with was Hie special road grants of and the Dr Walter iHogera and wife of Huphiti Man Mr Mrs Walter Rogers motored up from the city and yesterday with the Mrs Sarah A Rogers In the personal item last week about of Toronto the Cemetery was her Air and Mra H J Simpson of Toronto announce the engagement of their daughter Susan Anne to Mr Wm Windsor of Ontario Hie marriage to lake place in Ihe fall She expects lo be gone on three months is years her last visit out West Mr Victor Thompson of W formerly of Holland Landing sends us a copy of a special Illustrated of Ihe flmea which Is a credit to the Town Mi staff those who ha a full elude When the item of for the British Empire Exhibition came before House in com mittee of supply on Monday night and it was discovered that was proposed for a joy- trip for members of Parlia ment dont wonder that some of the representatives protested strongly against the expenditure We are surprised that a Govern ment that is preaching economy in so many ways would throw a pleasure trip 2 Senators and ay M The vote carried by lo AH the Liberals voted for joy ride Holiday and Tuesday JUNE SO JULY DONT CALL LOVE JACK HOLT and AGNES AY RES by a brilliant cast of favorite play half of the Progre Hon A enough lo appoint one representative liikwUI and Out of Thursday JULY end Featuring Walter Week is an hour and a belt of laughs and pleasing public expense is nothing short of a scandal There Is some tak now about the redistribution bill to come before the Commons before the session is over and it is likely to create a lengthy Securing a fair distribution of Ontario seats is in itself a prob lem A political such as lhat perpetrated by the it is understood that one million letters out pass through the post office every 24 hours and thai pendent of this there ai tons of second class public will appreciate the Frank Mike Valentino Fran and Leo Davis were to day sentenced to be hanged October for ihe murder re when Bank collection was held up and robbed of The jury in the court of King bench look eleven min utes to agree on their verdict delivered at this Ste Marie Ont The gymnasium of tin Peoples Mission was crowded lo capacity when Miss Ilia a nrotty and popular P l announce Ihe 1 their daughter Velma V of Toronto lo take place In July r and bister Mrs J Ottawa Miss Cole Is very popular link and Eatgn alore Toronto returned to fit dulles on Monday after a vacation traffic A bylaw was passed approving of road on PeelYork line north from part of the County Council decided lhat all and negotiable Instrument above In value must In future be counter- by he Warden The report of the Industrial Home stating lhal ihe inmalea now number jjialcayand remaps was recclv- Council adjourns at the end of this week It will stand adjourned Until Monday Nov at p m Wednesday Amaas or occupied the limy of York County Councilall day The biggest Hem was the passing of a bylaw approving he Issuance of 20- year for road construction purposes amounting to he amount representing York Countys of Provincial ond county road construction As Yorks Indebted- on debenture Issues was the debt has been increased to nearly half a million dollars Coun- I ell also decided borrow to meet current ordinary expenses unlit are As a result of Magistrate T plea for assistance In Police Court work Council authorized the Warden to engage a clerk whose functions will Include reporting evidence and handling the of fines and convictions authorized the making of agreements between towns villages and police villages and the Roads Commission of tho county whereby the county roads through these lesser could be provided with extra widths Waller Stewart who was a member of the County Police Force for A of anarchy baling for eight hours and until oclock this Wednesday mornung bill providing for incorporation of the United Church of Canada Parliament decided defer further ation of he measure until Thu day of Ibis week I Mrs Elmer and Allandale A recently next week lo SI following left on Monday morning for Elgin House lo attend Christian Endeavor Sum mer School Miss Smith Miss Ruth Miss Edna Knowles and Mr from the Christian Church and Miss Bain from the Prerfjyterlan Church Among Ihe ladies who attended the Convention at Sutton on Thursday- June were Mrs Mann Mrs Kershaw Mrs Jas Boyd Mrs Johnson Mrs A Smith Mrs Mm Mrs Urn Tench and Miss all of Presbyterian Church JV see by Tuesdays Globe that and her sister Miss Altar In June by Elder D Proa his residence Prospect Ave Mr Thomas Shropshire to Mia Agnes Thompson both of King On Saturday the Rev Hampso ion of Ihe late Mr and Mr of Forest Lloyd On Tuesday June at th Wellesley Hospital Toronto Leila Jean Campbell beloved wife of Lloyd of McDonald At on June 1924 Margaret Mo- Donald widow of William McDon ald In her year on Monday to Aurora Cem etery MADHOUSE ROSE completion in of the Canadian Rail- way a project had received the moral and finan cial support of the Bank of Montreal cast a bright ray of promise across the then somewhat troubled eco nomic life of Canada Canada at last was spanned by rail from coast to coast opening up for profitable development the fertile lying between The Dank of Montreal the of the by establish- a Branch at Vancouver and later at Victoria thus completing its txansconrinenal chain of Branches and bringing to the Pacific Coast banking facilities essential to the successful development of the great economic potentialities there Of its 567 Branches 53 arc situated in the Province of British Columbia BANK OF MONTREAL Established over years Total Assets in excess of GET READY FOR THE HOLIDAY LOVELY DRESSES THAT HAVE IN IjiADE IN EXCLUSIVE STYLES PRICES FROM UP NO TROUBLE TO SHOW THEM R MILLINERY AND LADIE8 READYTOWEAR Opposite Post Office Phone Fluffy that melt in your mouth J PATTERSON W and A Beautiful Durable Roof Double Thick Everywhe is an exclusive patented feature about Vulcanite Slabs which aids mater ially in giving greater roofing satisfaction No tice how the triangular projections on each slab underlie the slots giving double thickness Vulcantte resisting will not curl or chin Let show to you roofings as end on iv Man Cot Defers hi the Best Building Supplies of All Kinds



Newmarket Era , June 27, 1924, p. 2 (2024)
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