Title: Enhancing Vaccine Availability: Spain's Innovative Approach to Address the Monkeypox Vaccine Shortage (2023)

In a significant step towards managing the ongoing vaccine shortage crisis, the Public Health Commission of Spain has unanimously approved the division of each monkeypox vaccine dose into five smaller portions. This decision comes as a response to the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) recommendation and aims to combat the scarcity of this crucial medication.

The Challenge of Vaccine Shortages

The unprecedented demand for monkeypox vaccines has highlighted the necessity of innovative solutions. Amidst this global health emergency, Spain has taken a pioneering approach to tackle the problem. The shortage is further exacerbated by the limited availability of vaccines, primarily supplied by the Danish pharmaceutical company, Bavarian Nordic.

Scientific Backing

This groundbreaking decision is backed by a comprehensive clinical trial that examined the viability of reducing the active ingredient in each dose. The study revealed that a subcutaneous administration of a mere 0.1 milliliters, as opposed to the current intradermal 0.5 milliliters, can generate an equivalent immune response. While this modification may lead to an increase in local adverse reactions, such as localized pain, it is considered a small price to pay in light of the vaccine shortage.

For pregnant women and immunocompromised individuals, the administration will remain at 0.5 milliliters via the cutaneous route. It's important to emphasize that this approach is a temporary measure, specifically designed to address the ongoing health crisis while the vaccine scarcity persists.

Expanding Vaccine Administration Capacity

Spain's decision to divide vaccine doses by a factor of five has the potential to significantly increase the nation's vaccination capacity. Previously, Spain was entitled to approximately 18,500 doses through the European procurement mechanism. In addition to these, an extra 5,000 doses are expected to arrive shortly as a supplementary contribution.

Taking into account the vaccines already administered via the conventional method, this new approach enables Spain to administer approximately 50,000 doses in the short term. Currently, only the initial vaccine doses are being administered, providing around 30% protection. If supplies permit, a second dose will be administered four weeks later, further increasing protection to approximately 80%.

Targeted Vaccination Strategies

In Spain, these vaccines are primarily intended for direct contacts of infected individuals and individuals engaged in high-risk behaviors, particularly men who have sex with multiple male partners. Although monkeypox does not discriminate based on gender or sexual orientation and can infect anyone in close contact with an infected person, the majority of cases worldwide are currently linked to this specific demographic.

In conclusion, Spain's innovative approach to addressing the monkeypox vaccine shortage not only reflects a commitment to public health but also demonstrates the ability to adapt and respond to evolving challenges. This groundbreaking decision, backed by scientific research, has the potential to significantly enhance the nation's vaccination capacity during this global health crisis. By adopting these measures, Spain is actively contributing to the global fight against monkeypox, ensuring that high-risk individuals receive the protection they urgently need.

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