Unveiling Rosalía's Literary Influences: A Deep Dive into the Books Shaping Her Creative Universe (2023)


In the dynamic realm of celebrity influence, Rosalía emerges as a fascinating literary influencer, seamlessly integrating the world of books into her social media narrative. As we explore the profound impact of literature on Rosalía's creative expression, we unveil a tapestry of diverse authors and genres that have left an indelible mark on her artistic journey.

Ocean Vuong: Deconstructing Language and Embracing Metamorphosis

Rosalía's affinity for Ocean Vuong, a Vietnamese-American poet, extends beyond a mere admiration for his work. Vuong's novel, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, becomes a lens through which Rosalía explores the complexities of life, love, and self-discovery. Vuong's linguistic deconstruction mirrors Rosalía's approach to music, where words become more than tools—they become transformative mirages, much like the vivid imagery in Vuong's prose.

Motomami: Rosalía's Creative Risk and Artistic Metamorphosis

Drawing a parallel between Vuong's creative risk and Rosalía's own journey, we witness the convergence of artistic bravery and innovation. In her album Motomami, Rosalía breaks down linguistic and musical barriers, echoing the symbolism of a butterfly in constant metamorphosis. This fearless approach, as Rosalía proudly asserts, forms the foundation for her musical success.

El mal querer: Flamenca's Influence on Rosalía's Debut Album

Delving into Rosalía's literary roots, we uncover the inspiration behind her debut album, El mal querer. The revelation that it draws from the 13th-century romance Flamenca catapults this ancient work to contemporary bestseller lists, emphasizing the enduring power of literature to shape cultural phenomena.

Soap and Water: Marta D. Riezu's Exploration of Elegance

Rosalía's endorsement of Marta D. Riezu's essay, Soap and Water, underscores her appreciation for nuanced elegance. Riezu's fragmented exploration of discreet joy, generous gestures, and a preference for the unnoticed aligns with Rosalía's own philosophy on endurance and lasting impact in the ever-evolving world of music.

Gravity and Grace: Simone Weil's Spiritual Odyssey

In a surprising intersection of pop culture and Christian philosophy, Rosalía introduces her followers to Simone Weil's Gravity and Grace. Weil's exploration of spirituality, grace, and the internal revolution resonates with Rosalía's own journey, adding layers of depth to the artist's public persona.

Camille Paglia: The Unconventional Feminist Perspective

Rosalía's literary world extends to the provocative writings of Camille Paglia, challenging conventional feminist narratives. Paglia's unapologetic views on beauty, art, and the eternal value of beauty resonate with Rosalía's boundary-defying approach to her craft.


In the intricate web of Rosalía's literary influences, we witness a convergence of diverse voices shaping her artistic identity. From the linguistic deconstruction of Ocean Vuong to the timeless elegance explored by Marta D. Riezu, each author contributes a thread to the rich tapestry of Rosalía's creative universe. As we navigate this literary landscape, we gain insights into the multifaceted layers that define one of the most influential artists of our time.

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