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Disciples, your savior has returned on this good friday. But Every friday is good friday when MidnightTitan is preaching the MLB gospel! Praise him be! Amen my brothers! We had a good day yesterday. 9.8% bankroll increase. We had a setback wed, but mon, tues, thurs AND Fri we were able to have to winner$ on our side and ascend in the right direction. Its been a nice week, lets finish on fire!Now, onto todays CHAMPIONS on FAT POCKET$ FRIDAY !$$$

Team One. MIAMI MARLINS MONEYLINE -113 ! We have lord Jesus on the mound for Miami. This is his third start for the marlins. He was acquired in a trade from Nazareth A's. He beat the mets but he lost at colorado and gave up alot of runs, but hell, it was at colorado. It was "hell for jesus" to pitch in colorado. It was some crazy punishment from his father up above in the luxury booths. Those booths are like "heaven" . We wont hold that against you Jesus. but THIS AINT ABOUT YOU JESUS!!!!! So step your ass back Jesus! This is about the cubs and Albert Noteinstein!!! Yall seen how the cubs been playing? Now they get on a plane and go to miami. The beach and babes, what better way to get your mind off your sheety season. Despite it being in miami and the distractions the city cause, noneinstein has lost 9 of 10 starts. his win? arizona lol. Get that money Miami! DO IT TO IT MIAMI !$$$

Team Two. DETROIT TIGERS MONEYLINE +108 ! Lets talk about OUR BOY Trill Quancal from cleveland first. Trill has been brilliant in his last 6 games, he has been a beast! 36 ip and only 5 ER allowed!They lost 4 of those 6!!!! This cle bullpen has been fn up some gems bros! I know trill isnt pitching today but my point is wtf does it matter who clev puts out there? Trill does what he does and they still lose. . Its zach pleasent btw. He faced the Tigers last sunday. Gave up 4 ER in 4 ip in a loss. So now he can all of a sudden get them out and all of a sudden the clev bullpen will save him? sheeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt my ass they do. . Detriot is on that mission! We have Alexander Tyler on the mound. He shutdown cle last saturday. 0 ER in 5.1 ip. Advantage us in the last game vs opp box! 5 strait tiger wins in tyler games as well. . Thisis all us boys. DO IT TO IT DETROIT ROCK CITY!

Team Three. TEXAS RANGERS +1.5 RUNLINE -110 ! I love the double D's ! Thats the only good thing about texas. Dane Dunning. Texas is back home sleeping in their own beds, stretched out and well rested. Confident because Dane Dunning is on the mound! We like him disciples. Texas has won 5 of 6 DD starts. He has been solid in 35 ip only allowing 9 ER total. DD even beat the A's inNazareth july 1st! DD keeps this one tight.The Nazareth A's cant win forever. Irving "not-magic" Cole on the mound today. This is his FOURTH time against texas. They have got runs everytime on him. Texas knows this dude. They played him last sunday! They have got 9 runs in 17 innings vs Not-Magic Cole. So why the hell not texas and dane dunning! Nazareth suck one. DD coming for you bra's! DO IT TO IT TEXAS !$$$

Team Four. ST LOUIS CARDINALS -1.5 RUNLINE +118 ! Jack is back!!! Not sure if he will toss a TON of innings or not but its great to have jack back! Jack go off on the royals. Jack will Jack off KC. How many Jacks can a Jack Jack off if a Jack could Jack Jacks? STL won his first 9 starts before losing at the dodgers and white sox. 2 tough games. is KC tough? sometimes but not tonight. They bring out Minor Lover Mike. Mike Minor Lover. How many Minors could minor mike minor like if minor mike minor could like minors? You are HORRIBLE MINOR MIKE MINOR! He had to face STL LAST fat pocket friday. Yes, they did beat mike minor and he gave up 4 runs in 5 innings. Minor Mike has lost 6 of 8 and gave up 9 to fn texas. yes fn texas. . so runline is good here folks! STL happy and pumped, getting their boy back and going to jack off minor mike today ! DO IT TO IT ST LOUIS !$$$

You are welcome folks. Your many prayers were heard. YOU are worthy. YOU are loved and YOU deserve these winner$ before the games even start. I bless you with these winner$. Do well my freind. PRAISE HIM BE! AMEN! We finish on fire and most importantly we DO IT TO IT DISCIPLES on FAT POCKET$ FRIDAY !$$$

In MidnightTitans name, AMEN.

WE FINISH ON FIRE on FAT POCKET$ FRIDAY !$$$ Lets DO IT TO IT again !$$$ - Baseball - Forums (1)

WE FINISH ON FIRE on FAT POCKET$ FRIDAY !$$$ Lets DO IT TO IT again !$$$ - Baseball - Forums (2024)
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